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We exist to elevate voices and change the game in sports journalism. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives and the importance of providing opportunities for emerging talent. Our mission is to challenge the status quo, foster innovation, and create a more inclusive and vibrant future for the industry. We're here to empower aspiring sports journalists to rise above expectations and make their mark on the world of sports media.

Our Why

At Undrafted, we are passionately committed to nurturing aspiring sports journalists and providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to break into the competitive world of sports journalism. Our story began in 2018 when we recognized a significant gap in the industry. Established news outlets seemed hesitant to invest in the development of new talent, leaving many passionate and capable journalists struggling to find opportunities.

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Empowering the next generation

of sports storytellers

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Mentorship and Education:


Our core focus is on mentorship and education. We pair aspiring journalists with experienced mentors who have a wealth of knowledge and insights to share. These mentors guide, advise, and inspire our members to hone their skills and excel in sports journalism.

Skill Development:


We provide comprehensive training and resources to help our members build the skills they need to succeed. Whether it's sports reporting, writing, broadcasting, or digital media production, we offer workshops, online courses, and practical exercises to enhance their abilities.

Networking Opportunities:


We understand the power of connections in this industry. Undrafted hosts networking events, workshops, and conferences (coming soon) that enable our members to connect with established sports journalists, broadcasters, and industry professionals. These connections open doors to potential job opportunities and collaborations.

Platform for Expression:


Undrafted serves as a platform for our members to showcase their work. We publish articles, podcasts, videos, and other content created by our talented community of emerging sports journalists. This exposure helps them gain recognition and build a portfolio that can impress future employers.

Career Guidance:


Beyond skill development, we offer career guidance and support. Our team helps members with job placement, resume building, and interview preparation. We're dedicated to helping them secure positions at reputable sports news outlets.



We've fostered a strong, supportive community where members can share experiences, collaborate, and learn from one another. This sense of belonging and shared passion for sports journalism is what sets Undrafted apart.

With this gap in mind, we founded Undrafted with a clear purpose: to be a catalyst for emerging sports journalists' careers.


Here's how our company operates:

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