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Michigan State Coach Mel Tucker Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations Amidst Suspension

In a statement released on Monday through his attorney Jennifer Belveal, Tucker adamantly refuted the accusations, characterizing them as "completely false.

In a stunning development, Michigan State football coach Mel Tucker finds himself entangled in a web of controversy as he vehemently denies allegations of sexual harassment made against him by Brenda Tracy, a noted advocate for sexual assault awareness. Tucker's suspension, announced by Michigan State Athletic Director Alan Haller on Sunday night, has sent shockwaves through the college football world.

In a statement released on Monday through his attorney Jennifer Belveal, Tucker adamantly refuted the accusations, characterizing them as "completely false." He asserted that he and Tracy had developed an "intimate, adult relationship," emphasizing that her claims were without merit. Furthermore, he decried the upcoming hearing, scheduled to assess his alleged violations of university policy, as "ridiculously flawed" and lacking a genuine pursuit of the truth.

The allegations against Tucker surfaced following a story by USA Today, in which Tracy, a passionate advocate against sexual misconduct, detailed disturbing encounters with the coach. Tracy reported that Tucker had sent her gifts, inquired about the possibility of a romantic relationship, and engaged in explicit behavior during phone calls, all without her consent.

Tucker's response to these allegations paints a starkly different picture. He asserted that the phone call in question was a "mutual, private event between two adults" and claimed that Tracy had initiated the discussion that evening. Tucker's statement further alleges that Tracy had sent him provocative pictures and suggested intimate scenarios during the call, without expressing any objections or discomfort.

Haller disclosed that the university had been aware of these allegations since December of the previous year when Tracy filed a formal complaint with the school's Office for Civil Rights. An independent investigator subsequently interviewed both parties and submitted a report in late July, recommending the scheduling of a hearing to determine whether Tucker had violated the university's sexual misconduct policy. This hearing is set to commence on October 5.

Tucker's relationship with Tracy began in August 2021 when he hired her to speak to the Michigan State football team about sexual assault awareness. Tracy later attended the team's spring game in 2022 and was named its honorary captain. According to USA Today's report, Tracy described Tucker's romantic interest as one-sided.

In contrast, Tucker contended that their relationship was mutually intimate and that Tracy had actively encouraged it by accepting gifts from him. He emphasized that Tracy had not severed her ties with him or the football program after the alleged incident in April 2022 but only raised objections when a planned presentation was postponed, which Tucker claims he had only rescheduled.

However, Tucker took issue with the impending hearing, asserting that it was designed for student infractions and prevented him from presenting evidence to substantiate his innocence. The hearing falls under the university's relationship violence and sexual misconduct policy, applicable to both students and employees. Tucker also voiced concerns about the fairness and impartiality of MSU's overall investigation, suggesting possible ulterior motives, such as a desire to distance the university from the Larry Nassar scandal, or even potential biases based on his race and gender, as he is a Black coach.

Mel Tucker's turbulent journey at Michigan State took a dramatic twist with his suspension, less than two years after agreeing to a lucrative 10-year, $95 million contract in November 2021. His initial success with the Spartans, including an 11-2 record and a No. 10 AP ranking, makes this controversy all the more shocking. Tucker's overall record as MSU's coach stands at 20-14.

In the wake of Tucker's suspension, Harlon Barnett, the secondary coach, has been named acting head coach, while former MSU coach Mark Dantonio has returned to the program as an associate coach, offering support to Barnett. 

Michigan State now faces the challenging task of navigating through these tumultuous times as they prepare to host No. 8 Washington on Saturday at Spartan Stadium.

Austyn McFadden


September 11, 2023 at 12:00:00 AM

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